New London Dungeon launches to the events industry

On 20 March 150 event organisers and VIP corporate clients attended the events industry launch of the new bigger London Dungeon. Ghost buses transported guests from Whitechapel and Fleet Street to the new London Dungeon location at County Hall. The launch took on a Victorian theme which was reminiscent in the entertainment, food and decoration.

Guests arrived to a musical performance with a jester entertaining with tomfoolery, before being led to the stocks for a photo opportunity with the executioner. An absinthe fairy presented the green liquor to guests in 18th century inspired crystal glassware. A short while later the first Dungeon Experience began with a visit to the Plague doctor.

Next was a visit to Mrs Lovett’s pie shop where a delicious selection of mini pies including stilton and leek and steak and ale were available for guests to tuck into. This was followed by a close shave in Sweeny Todd’s barber shop, a chilling encounter at Mitre Square, a disorientating walk through the mirrored Labyrinth of the Lost, a haunting confrontation in the Ten Bells Pub where Gin Fizz shots served to steady the nerves, hilarious legal wranglings in Court Room and the finale Drop Dead; a ride that plunges condemned wrong doers to a three storey drop into the darkness.

Following the Dungeon Experience guests were led to the Guy Fawkes event space for Victorian inspired posh nosh bowls of mini beef Wellington, mini London fish pie of shrimp, salmon, cockles and whelks-served in Victorian tea cups and Chicken Victoriana stew. Dessert canapés followed including apple Charlotte, chocolate sponge with orange liqueur sauce and mini Bakewell tarts.

Photos: ©Joanna Plumbe Photography




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