London claims highest number of international bednights in Europe

European Cities Marketing (ECM), a network of city tourist offices and convention bureaus, has released its annual ECM Benchmarking Report, which indicates a positive development in international bednights.

Comparative data for an initial 48 European cities (the full report in June 2013 will show data of 100 cities) shows an international bednight growth rate four times that of domestic bednights. Although relatively modest growth over 2011 was observed, London claimed the highest number of international tourist bednights in Europe. Paris and Rome followed, while Berlin and Budapest showed the strongest international bednight growth over the previous year at +14.5 per cent and +9.4 per cent respectively.

For source markets, Japan shows notable growth after a slight dip in 2011 bednights. Germany, United Kingdom and the US maintain their footholds as the leading source markets with steady increases for the UK and US and a slight negative growth for Germany. While Spain and Italy sustain positions as important source markets, 2012 figures show notable negative growth relative to 2011.

Bednights in China grew by 28.5 per cent to 2.9m, while in Russia they grew by 20.4 per cent to 7.5m.

“In 2012, bednight numbers representing tourists from BRIC markets such as Russia and China grew tremendously over the previous year, proving once again the importance and potential of these countries as strong source markets for the European tourism industry. Such information can aid destination marketers in deciding where to direct their marketing resources and is the main purpose of the ECM Benchmarking Report,” said President of ECM, Dieter Hardt-Stremayr.

The 9th Edition of the ECM Benchmarking Report will be presented and the results will be discussed in depth among the city tourism managers in Europe during the annual conference in Copenhagen in June 2013.

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