Corporate boot camp: Mud, motivation and teambuilding

With the words boot camp come visions of soldiers and lots of mud, sweat and tears. What also comes to mind is teamwork, which is exactly the goal of Clumber Park Hotel and Spa’s new boot camp offering. Located in the heart of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, the fitness boot camp provides a rural setting for groups to work out and train, while learning how to work together as part of a team.

“The benefits of healthy food and exercise are becoming well known here in Britain, and the Olympics has brought sport even more to the fore. We wanted to offer something which incorporates this with a genuine teambuilding element,” Clumber Park Hotel and Spa’s General Manager, Simon Rhatigan, tells CN.

“Corporate companies are aware they must provide ROI on their teambuilding or incentives, and the Clumber Park Boot Camp provides a real difference from the usual corporate jolly where copious amounts of alcohol are often consumed and people go home fatter rather than fitter,” he adds.

The programme is led by the hotel’s own fitness trainer, Kyle Hanrahan, and includes a rigorous daily schedule of fitness training, activities and healthy eating. Waking at 6.30am each day, guests have the chance to take part in an Army-accredited assault course, daily runs, forest circuit training, body conditioning and hikes through the countryside.

The camp, for up to 12 people, gives participants the chance to meet, train and get to know each other while learning new skills or honing old ones.

Boot camps seem to be a growing phenomenon, the idea being that you spend at least six hours a day exercising and eating healthily in a bid to improve your fitness and lose weight. Every discount website and gym in the country appears to be offering them in one guise or another these days.
Clumber Park’s in-house personal trainer Hanrahan meets my group on the first night of our boot camp. He will be with us every step of the way for two days of gruelling exercise. The boot camp kicks off with a one-to-one fitness assessment with Hanrahan who assesses our current exercise regimes, and tests our blood pressure, water retention and weight.

We then tuck into a healthy meal, (with pudding) before getting an early night ready for the two-days ahead of us.

Day one starts at 7am with an hour’s walk/run around Sherwood Forest, before a healthy breakfast and onto morning circuits consisting of sit-ups, press-ups and squats. Next we are transported by mini bus to an Army-accredited assault course. Here we are dressed in camouflage outfits and tackle 10ft walls, underground tunnels and muddy tyres. The afternoon consists of yet more circuits, running, skipping and lifting heavy tyres before another one hour walk/run. Day two is another 7am start and two hours’ walk/run, heavy circuits, boxing and skipping.

Clumber Park’s boot camp is a real education, and despite coming away with aching limbs and cravings for ice cream and chocolate, it was a teambuilding activity that I would remember forever. Intertwined with the exercise were meal

and recipe planning sessions with Hanrahan who educated us on the merits of healthy eating. For companies looking to push their teams and promote teamwork the boot camp provides the perfect setting. It also gets groups out of the pub and into an environment where they can push themselves as well as their colleagues.

Clumber Park Hotel and Spa’s corporate boot camps include stays in the hotel, all meals and use of the spa. For further details visit:


Kyle’s top health tips

  • Move more, eat less
  • Work to your limits and push that little bit more
  • Keep away from fatty foods
  • Enjoy your food in the right quantities
  • Choose an achievable goal and stick to it
  • Drink cold water, not ice cold water
  • To tone up you must hit the weights
  • Remember to breathe throughout your workout

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Paul Colston

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