People power identified at AIBTM CEO Summit

Keynote speaker at the AIBTM CEO Summit, Barbara Kellerman, claimed the trend was toward a ’flattening’ of power structures in the 21st century.

from Harvard University, claimed in her presentation ’The end of
leadership’, leaders were losing power and influence while followers
were gaining it.

“This has led to a flattening of power structure,” she said.

Technology had sped up how quickly people who previously had little power now can use information as ammunition, she contended. Social media, she
said, had handed instant power to the powerless to change leadership
and she gave the example of Wikileaks exposing questionable behaviour
among political leaders.

feel they have a right to know everything about their leaders,
Kellerman added, defining an ’American idolisation’ of the country, as
more decisions were being made by the public, leading to “a flattening
of expertise”.

believe young people would figure out new ways to get work done, shying
away from traditional teamwork on projects. “Due to their independence,
Millenials are not interested in top-down leadership,” she said.

in the 21st century will need to learn new skills, including watching
their backs with younger, better-skilled competition,” she added.

Kellerman recommended lifelong learning and staying up to date on technology as coping strategies.

Vice-President of corporate and incentive sales for Silversea Cruises
in Fort Lauderdale, Sean Mahoney, said he welcomed the CEO Summit for
the opportunity to “learn about the issues impacting the industry and to
network with C-level executives from around the world in the MICE

organiser Reed Travel Exhibitions (RTE) has announced a joint
partnership with Lithium Logistics Group to launch the Global Emerging
Leaders Community.

’community’ initiative is designed to provide leadership development
and education opportunities for up-and-coming professionals in the
meetings industry. The programme aims to match the younger generation
(those with seven years or less of professional experience in the
field), with industry veterans through events, webinars and other
premium business and networking opportunities.

said it would create and provide education content specific to the next
generation of industry leaders at all its events on five continents
including EIBTM (Barcelona), AIME (Melbourne), GIBTM (Abu Dhabi), CIBTM
(Beijing) and, of course, AIBTM (US).

“The Global Emerging
Leaders Community will be a centre of excellence, information and
recommendations for new professionals entering the industry,” said
Graeme Barnett, Reed Travel Exhibitions’ Event Director for AIBTM.
“AIBTM is pleased to partner with Lithium Logistics Group to make this
initiative a reality, both regionally and internationally and are
delighted that it is being launched during the show this week. We
believe that mentoring the future generation of meetings professionals
will serve to strengthen and grow business opportunities in our

Julie Ann Schmidt, Managing Partner of event company
Lithium Logistics Group, said: “There is no limit on the possibilities
this alliance holds for the MICE industry.”

In the coming months,
the IBTM Event Portfolio promises to announce a series of new premium,
exclusive events tailored specifically to creating business
opportunities though the Global Emerging Leaders Community.

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