CapCo waits on consultation for Earls Court plans

Two London councils have released the next stage of consultation for the area surrounding the proposed Earls Court development.
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RKBC), London Borough of
Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) and the Mayor of London have again called
on the public to comment on the ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ (SPD)
for the West Kensington Opportunity Area. The consultation will last
until 23 December and follows initial public consultation on the first
draft in March.
Ultimately CapCo, owner of the Earls Court
venue, will have to adhere to the framework of the SPD when its
controversial application for the site is heard next year.
and Fulham has publicly backed plans for regeneration, though has not
gone as far as to publicly endorse CapCo’s plans. But a 66-year old
local resident from West Kensington Estate has begun legal proceedings against CapCo’s exclusivity agreement with LBHF for redevelopment of the 77-acre Earls Court Opportunity Area (ECOA).
one-year agreement between CapCo and LBHF was struck on 29 July and
gives both sides exclusivity on discussions to develop the borough’s
land within the site, which not only includes Earls Court exhibition and conference
centres but also the Gibbs Green and West Kensington residential
estates. Ownership of the 77-acre site is split between CapCo, LBHF and
Transport for London and also incorporates land within RKBC.
are pleased to hear the boroughs have decided to publish and consult on
their preferred option for the Supplementary Planning Document, which
proposes the inclusion of the estates in the development of the Earls
Court and West Kensington Opportunity Area,” said a CapCo spokesman.
is the next stage in the ongoing planning process and as previously
stated, we feel that comprehensive development offers
substantial benefits to the local community including 7,500 new homes and
12,000 new jobs. We will await to hear the outcome of the consultation
in due course.”
CapCo hired architect Sir Terry Farrell to draw
up a masterplan featuring up to 7,500 new homes and more than 12,000
permanent new jobs.
“We have said all along that we will only
support including the estates in comprehensive development if there are
substantial benefits for people living there,” said the of LBHF leader
Stephen Greenhalgh.
“There is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to
create thousands of jobs, build new homes and secure major neighbourhood
improvements such as new schools, parks, health centres and shops.”
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