Focus on knowledge economy says Keele Conferences and Events

As the first academic venue to sign up as a supporter for this year’s Britain for Events campaign, Keele Conferences and Events says it is calling for the industry to turn its focus to promoting the educational benefit of meetings and events rather than solely their economic value.  
The annual industry campaign, now in its 10th year, is designed to promote Britain as a world-class destination for events. “It is key for us to back any campaign that highlights the value of the sector and helps to raise its profile,” says Head of Keele Conferences and Events, Sam Booth. “But we are really keen to encourage people not just to talk about the financial contribution it makes and the support it provides to local businesses and jobs, but instead increase the awareness of the value the industry in terms of generating knowledge and research.
“After all, as a university, and a centre of learning and development, this is fundamentally what we are all about.”
Chair of the Business Visits and Events Partnership, Michael Hirst, which is co-ordinating this year’s Britain for Events campaign adds: “To think of an event or meeting just in terms of its economic impact, doesn’t acknowledge the wider impact of ideas, creativity, research and knowledge sharing that are all direct benefits of this industry.
“Meetings of academic value create genuine social change, progress and long term benefit and remain a crucial part of this valuable industry.”
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Paul Colston

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