The UK moves into the UIA 2010 International Meeting rankings

According to the Union of International Associations (UIA), the UK has moved into ninth place in its latest International Meetings Statistics for the Year 2010 rankings. Last year, the UK did not place in the top 10.

Overall, the US came up trumps in the destinations country rankings and Singapore for the city rankings.
Although the full statistics have yet to be released to the public, and are only available to UIA members at the moment, the rankings reveal the US hosted eight per cent of the total qualifying meetings last year with Japan (6.5%), Singapore (6.4%) and France (6%) following behind.
In the city rankings, Singapore hosted 725 meetings (6.5%) with Brussels (4.4%), Paris (3.6%) and Vienna (2.3%) following behind in the table. Singapore has held this top position since 2007.
Both Stockholm and Prague fell from the top 10 meeting cities and were replaced by Tokyo and Madrid.
The meetings, which qualify for the rankings, include association congresses, conventions, symposia and meetings, including some national meetings with international participation, but excludes religious, political, commercial, sporting, corporate and incentive events.
Top international meeting countries in 2010:
1. USA: 936 meetings
2. Japan: 741 meetings
3. Singapore: 725 meetings
4. France: 686 meetings
5. Belgium: 597 meetings
6. Spain: 572 meetings
7. Germany: 499 meetings
8. Korea: 464 meetings
9. UK: 375 meetings
10. Austria: 362 meetings
Top international meeting cities in 2010:

1. Singapore: 725 meetings
2. Brussels: 486 meetings
3. Paris: 394 meetings
4. Vienna: 257 meetings
5. Seoul: 201 meetings
6. Barcelona: 193 meetings
7. Tokyo: 190 meetings
8. Geneva: 189 meetings
9. Madrid: 175 meetings
10. Berlin: 165 meetings

The full figures from the report:
Total number of meetings in the UIA database: 359,673
Number of those answering the criteria for inclusion in this report: 316,534
Number of those taking place prior to the reporting year: 297,724
Number of those taking place in the reporting year: 12,015
Number of those scheduled to take place after the reporting year: 6,795
Number of countriesrepresented for all years: 256
Number of cities represented for all years: 11,047
Number of countriesrepresented for the reporting year only: 181
Number of cities represented for the reporting year only: 1,573
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