Expotel Group appoints Positivity Adviser to develop ‘Happy Meetings’

Expotel is to champion the happy clappy approach to
meetings, with an initiative to help organisers run “happier meetings”. The
approach has been introduced by Venues Event Management, the conference and
events division of the Expotel

Nikki Owen will be the company’s ‘positivity adviser’
and has produced a downloadable toolkit for overcoming ‘meetings

Top turn-offs identified by Owen include: information
overload; allowing too great a focus on problems and issues; using the same
format and layout for meetings; insufficient audience participation; poor use of
Powerpoint; emphasis on blame, which can create a choking effect on
participants; overlooking, details such as correct spelling of names; dismissive
approaches to proposals and ideas, and ineffectual speakers who fail to create

Owen’s suggestions for ‘happier’ meetings include: a
thoughtful invitation which creates a sense of anticipation; a
creatively-presented meeting room; clearly-defined objectives; using
multi-sensory communication methods; incorporation of ‘rosy glow’ moments to
boost positive brain chemicals; encouraging greater participant involvement;
creating emotional buy in, and the employment of a meeting leader with good
impact and influence qualities.

Chief Executive of Venues Event Management, Anita Lowe,
said: “Keeping the attendees of any meeting
motivated and engaged can be challenging, especially if it runs over several
days or involves the delivery of information that could instigate changes for a
company. Nikki Owen has been appointed ‘positivity adviser’ to help clients
achieve the most productive possible mood, regardless of the subject

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