Insurance tips as volcanic ash continues to cloud events

Specialist event insurer Hiscox
today issued the following tips for organisers worried by the travel disruption
due to volcanic ash:

1. Notify your insurer immediately
if you think you could be affected. A good insurer can help you take the
necessary actions to keep the conference going. Quick and decisive action could
make all the difference.

2. Check your policy to see if you
are covered for emergency expenditure. You may be able to claim for these costs
without having prior clearance from your insurer.

3. Record keeping is key, both of
expenses incurred relating to the conference and gross revenue, if insured.
Having these details to hand will help should you need to make a

Planning future

4. Organisers of conferences big and
small should have a robust crisis-management plan. A written plan detailing
alternative arrangements should the unexpected occur will assist your insurer
when assessing the risk and may speed up the process of securing cover for your

5. Make sure you have clear
contracts (with venues and suppliers, for example) detailing under what
circumstances you as the organiser may be able to claim refunds or would be
obliged to offer refunds. This will enable insurers to agree claims payments
more quickly.

6. Buy your cover early – as soon as
you’ve spent any money on your exhibition. Buying
early will cover you for a longer period of time, often at a lower cost than
insuring closer to the conference date. If you wait too long to buy your
insurance, you may not get all the protection you want.

Hiscox underwriter Elizabeth Seeger,

“We are seeing that some customers
are experiencing disruption with international delegates and speakers not being
able to fly in to attend their conferences. On the ground level at the venue,
all is working fine. Getting people in is what’s

“Conferences may be entirely
cancelled if there are key speakers or performers who cannot

“The chaos caused by the volcanic
ash drifting over the UK illustrates how the unexpected can
bring months of conference planning to a sudden halt.”

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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