‘Nessie’ effect predicted

Meetings industry futurologist Rohit Talwar says his ‘inside line’ from
bankers and politicians is a predicted multi-dip recession.

His own view, however, sees more of a “roller-coaster decade in which we
will see regular rises and falls in different economies”.

Those in the meetings industry, says Talwar, need to look to innovate
their approach, incentivise staff, but resist the urge to spend on overhauling

Another analyst, Ian Pearson, terms the multi-dip scenario a ‘Loch Ness
Monster downturn’, with uneven peaks and troughs emerging with very little

Talwar reports in his latest Futurscope
newsletter, however, that some bankers believe a massive collapse is possible, “that
could make the last two years look like a minor correction”.

Société Générale, notes Talwar, is warning clients to prepare for a possible
“global economic collapse” over the next two years. The bank said total US public and
private debt was now 350 per cent of GDP. Government debt, SG predicted, could rise
to 125 per cent of GDP in the Eurozone, 270 per cent in Japan and 105 per cent in the UK.

Talwar advises companies not to be tempted by mergers as a way out of
crisis. “BA and Iberia
take note,” he says.

“Such events inevitably divert management time and attention to internal
politics, alignment and integration, when their real focus should be on the
market place.”

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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