Golf keeps swinging

As more job losses in banking, retail and several other sectors are posted, a new survey of 12,000 golf enthusiasts shows golfers are defying the credit crunch and plan to swing on regardless.

If you don’t want to hold your incentive trip in Poundland, Lidl, or with a repo-man teambuilding exercise, it would seem that golf could be one of the few sectors that is recession-proof?

The study for Your Golf found the vast majority will continue to spend money to stay on the fairways.

An impressive 94 per cent of respondents plan to take a golfing holiday this year and 87 per cent declared golf would be the last luxury item they would give up.

Seventy-one per cent say they are ‘unlikely’ to give up any golf memberships and more than three-quarters went as far as stating that in 2009 playing golf is a priority for them in order to keep fit and healthy.

Your Golf Travel’s MD Ross Marshall, says “Demand for golf has thrived during the current slowdown with prices coming down and more people re working flexi hours or have more free time.

“Our survey and record sales show that golfing trips are recession proof and there really is no better time to get back on the golf course.”

Marshall tells “Golf and business go hand in hand, with deals being done on the course and companies using a round as a form of team building.

“The level of bookings we’re getting from corporate clients shows that golf’s popularity is as strong as ever and it’s still the ideal activity to hold alongside any business event.”

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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