MCI detects 10-20% reduction in client budgets for 2009

Global association and event management specialists MCI believes commercial activity should be stepped up again the current backdrop of economic downturn.

“Strong client relationships and quality of service are of utmost importance,” the company urges in a memo to its staff.

MCI tells CN: “From what we hear in the global market place, we would like to share what our customers are saying:

1. Most companies are experiencing and/or planning negative growth (i.e. reduction) of their travel, marketing and communication budgets. Associations are seeing flat or declining membership numbers and a possible decline in meetings participation although in some cases attendance is up, as professionals want to strengthen their professional network.

2. The reduction does not so much seem to be in numbers of projects but rather in project value. The benchmark seems to sit between (-)10 to (-)20% of budgets compared to 2008.

3. Most customers seem to maintain both minimum and ideal budget scenarios. We foresee that spending visibility in 2009 will be extremely short term.

4. Our customers are re-evaluating all programmes – not only events but their communication mix as a whole, with an objective of improving the mix’s effectiveness.”

Paul Colston


Paul Colston

Managing Editor, Conference News & Conference & Meetings World.

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